Painting 101: Best Drop Cloth

Painting your home can get messy. There’s no telling where the paint will fly. It’s always best to cover anything important, including flooring. The easiest drop cloth to use to cover your [...]

Keep Your Square on the Level

If you’ve used a measuring square before, then you know it can sometimes be a challenge to keep the square in exactly the right spot while you do your measurements. You set your square to the [...]

How to Add an Electrical Outlet

We’ve all had that problem before: you need to plug something in, but your home doesn’t have a nearby electrical outlet. Instead, you have to string together extension cords, which can [...]

How Circuit Breakers Work

Circuit breakers prevent millions of electrical fires every year. They cut off the power (“break the circuit”) when they detect problems such as an electricity overload, keeping occupants of the [...]

What to Do About a Wobbly Ceiling Fan

A wobbly ceiling fan is inefficient and a nuisance. There are several different reasons your fan might not be stable. If your fan is giving you trouble, follow these steps: Check if the fan is [...]

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