Replace Old Locks With New Ones

Replacing a door lock is an easy home maintenance task you can do in less than an hour. Whether you bought a new home or want to increase your home’s security, replacing the door locks is [...]

Radon Yesterday and Today

Did you know that radon was discovered over 100 years ago? In 1908, two English scientists called Robert Whytlaw-Gray and William Ramsey discovered this heavy gas, and they called it “niton.” In [...]

Finding the Right Home Inspector

Before you buy a home, you need to have it checked out by a certified home inspector. There are three steps to finding the inspector who is right for you. First, rely on the advice of trusted [...]

Tub Caulking Made Easy

Recaulking a tub is an easy home maintenance task anyone can do. New caulk not only looks better than grimy old caulk but also provides a better water barrier around the tub. Caulk keeps moisture [...]

Restore Your Grout’s Shine

Your home may have been the biggest purchase you’ve ever made in your life, but that doesn’t mean that home maintenance needs to consume your every last dollar or waking minute. With a few easy [...]

The Radon Exhaust Location Is Vital

The Radon Exhaust Location Is Vital You recently had a radon mitigation system installed for your home. Do you know where the exhaust is located? Is your radon mitigation system working properly? [...]