Check Out The Chimney

One big selling feature of a home can be a gorgeous fireplace that acts as a focal point in the room. From cozy winter nights to large family gatherings, around the fireplace can be a common [...]

5 Indoor Molds You Should Know About

When it comes to indoor molds, they are easy to clean up with the proper remediation techniques. Before remediation, however, it’s important to know what molds to look for. Alternaria After water [...]

Be Smart With Your Space

If you’re looking for new ways to add style without sacrificing space, it may be time to rethink your lighting and accent options. Lamps are lovely, but they can take up valuable room on a [...]

Prevent Water Heater Backdrafting

We all love our water heaters because without them we couldn’t enjoy a hot shower or the ease of clean dishes and clean clothes thanks to modern appliances. Water heaters are responsible for [...]

Three Common Home Inspections Myths

If you’re in the process of closing a sale, then you know how much work goes into helping your client look for the right place to call their own. You’ll likely spend countless hours [...]

Eco-friendly Home Trends

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Is You’re A/C in the Attic?

Putting an air conditioner in the attic seems to make perfect sense. There are no ugly window units. There is no bulky central A/C unit in the utility area. There is just cool dry air gently [...]

Sump Pump

When it comes to keeping basements dry, there’s nothing that beats a sump pump. However, if it is set up to pump the water into the city sewer system, you have two problems. First, the city does [...]

Home Organization One Chore at a Time

Summer organization tips that everyone can benefit from usually focus on maintaining order in the home. While some of us can handle doing all the chores one day a week, many of us don’t [...]